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One day, I sat in front of the TV and looked
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One day, I sat in front of the TV and looked at "Journey to the West" with a relish Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Suddenly a Sun Wukong appeared from the TV. He said to me with a smile: "Hi, hello! I am Sun Wukong, I am going to go these days. On the ten-day tour in Europe, I see that you like me very much, so I will teach you seventy-two changes and tendons to use for a few days, but only for the benefit of others." I saw the idol in my heart, I also taught me the power, very excited, full of promises, so I was sucked in with a bang!found that I fell from the sky and was to be broken into mud! I didn't dare to look down. When I almost hit the ground, I suddenly stopped. Looking down Parliament Cigarettes, a white cloud was stepped on my feet. There was a word "the muscles are serving you"!id to it: "Sports cloud, I dare not stand on it, can you make a bicycle?"es, you can change it as long as you say 'Ma Ni Ni Ni Bo'."uted "Muni Ni Ni Ni!", really, the tendon cloud became a handsome bicycle, I jumped up and started to be my Sun Wukong.ually, the speed of the bicycle is two or three times that of our walking. But this taming cloud bicycle has a speed of ten thousand and eight thousand miles. I used the magical and extraordinary "eye of the fire" to start a copy of the Sun Wukong patrol on the earth.nly, I saw a poor grandfather sitting beside the road begging, and I became a passerby to ask for inquiries. It turned out that this is a blind old man Marlboro Gold. Because the cost of retinal transplantation is too expensive, his only child is working outside the home for many years. The old man is not cared for at home and can only beg for begging. After I heard it, I bought some food for him. I put a few hairs from my head and blew it. I turned into a few lively children to take care of him and continued to patrol the and eyes have found too many such old people Wholesale Cigarettes, and I can't help them one by one, so I plan to set up a Sun Wukong Rescue Left-behind Old Man Foundation. I used the somersault cloud to change a car that can send flyers while flying. Flying around the earth, almost 7 billion people around the world know the foundation. If you have a few pieces, donate a few pieces. Even Bill Gates, who has donated half of his property for charity, is willing to pay another $1 billion to donate to the Foundation for the Elderly. Even the poorest people in African countries are willing to pay a dime and ass than a week, I donated 10 billion yuan to help the elderly to help the elderly.r Sun Wukong traveled back, I learned about the situation and praised me Marlboro Menthol 100S. I also said: "If you want to hire a Su
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