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That taro head face, light eyebrows
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#1 skrivet : den 9 november 2018 03:34:04
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That taro head face, light eyebrows, a pair of eyes is not too big but very god, a long hair, a medium child, on the appearance, ordinary can not be ordinary. She loves chess and calligraphy, but she is not perfect. Do not believe, you listen to me downano is her best partner. After returning home every day, I always sit in front of a good partner and talk about the songs I learned in the music class. Whenever she encounters an unhappy thing Cheap Cigarettes, she talks to this good partner (bounce), so that she has thrown a lot of unhappiness into the clouds. When she is happy, she also has to communicate with good partners and share her happiness and good partners. Therefore, "qin" is her inseparable partner.ter I finished the "qin", I will talk to you again -sss is her "happy pet" and she almost has to deal with chess every day. She also has a lot of chess: chess, checkers, backgammon, flying chess and so on. "Dad, come, let's kill a plate." "Mom accompanied me to play a plate, I beg you." You listen, she is stalking again. Mom and Dad were entangled in her Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and they could only play with her for a while.should I say next? Oh, yes, yes -ok good friend who is inseparable is the book, and she always spends her time with the book every day. She has already read: "The Grimm's Fairy Tale", "The Russian Biography" Cigarettes Online, "Pipru Biography", "Love Education", "Naughty Qq Sugar", "Four Big Girls" and so on. She looked at the book, no matter how loud the voice you called, she could not the book is finished, let's talk about -nting loves to paint. Although the painting is not good, her interest is still not reduced. Mom and Dad saw that she liked painting so much and tried to support her. With the support of her parents, she painted more with her strength, so painting is also an indispensable "task" in her life!r favorite is vocal music. She will sing a song all day long. She has also participated in county and city singing competitions, and she has won gold and silver prizes in the competition. She can almost sing popular pop songs that can be called. Her favorite watch is "Happy Girl" and "Happy Boys". She is also a small lead singer at school, and people boast that she is a little lark!sed a song to describe her as the most appropriate: "There is a girl Cigarette Online, she has some waywardness, and some arrogance; there is a girl, she has some rebellious, and some crazy."omposition was written, I let my good friend Zhu Shihan see, she said like me, like me is me!
Six years of elementary school life will rush past me... After graduation, in September, I really became a junior high school student. In the past six years, the wind and rain, the dynasty dynasty; the flower blossoms thank you, the tide rises and falls. Every laughter, every tear, every story, every experience, every touch, makes me unforgettable. Now, we are about to say goodbye to our alma mater, a love affair, from my heart, sweet memories can be embarrassed in my heart, but my favorite is the happy time that Jia teacher accompanied us together - - Team class!hese years, we have played interesting games. Every time we let us understand some truths, the most impressive thing about me is the "friendship hugs". At that time, we played games in the heat, "stop!" Jia teacher Hong Liang The voice came out of the class. In the hearts of everyone, holding the body of the classmates (girls, don��t misunderstand), you can feel the power of friendship. The feeling makes people see the movements between relatives and relatives. I didn't expect this game to have such a big magic!the last team on Friday. I can still see a trace of sadness and sadness on everyone's face. 10, 9, 8, 7... The time is starting to count down, but we still have no time. Carefree smile, past does not mean you have to live in pain forever, you can't change the weather, but you can change your mood; you can't change your looks, but you can choose expressions; you can't control others, but you can Control yourself; you can't advance tomorrow, but you must use it today; you can't succeed, but you can do everything; you can't decide the length of life, but you can expand its width!ny is in your own hands, happiness and happiness are also the same, want to say goodbye, leave sweet memories, wait for you to be old Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, tell your children and grandchildren that you have such a good teacher, such a good classmate, slow Slowly blowing, the rain is slowly going down, let us live in memories and feel the warmth of home!
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